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Sunrise Dental offers a home to all Issaquah, Washington residents. The city of Issaquah is committed to quality living through preservation and enhancement of the community's unique human and natural resources. For example, the Issaquah Alps feature hiking trails and other outdoor activities throughout the 3 mountains surrounding Issaquah which include: Tiger Mountain, Cougar Mountain, and Sqauk Mountain.

At Sunrise Dental, we offer the most state-of-the-art facilities while providing a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere to placate the anxiety associated with a dental visit. Our dentists will take the time to listen to your dental needs and concerns to be able to create an individualized plan for you and your family. Our entire staff will work to provide you with a caring and friendly experience using the highest standards of professional care and modern facilities, techniques and equipment. We offer general dentistry services, endodontic services, and orthodontic services. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment!

Our dental office operates with one key mission: to offer the services of dentists Issaquah WA patients can proudly refer to their friends and family. We have built our entire practice on providing the dental services you can rely on. This means we offer the professional talent pool, the proper equipment, the attention to detail and patient comfort, and the staff you'd look for in dentists Issaquah WA patients trust.

We built our team from the ground up. From recruitment to continuous professional training and support, we make sure each of our dentists is a dentist Issaquah WA residents can trust not just with their dental health but with their peace of mind as well. This is what separates any other dental services provider from a dentist Issaquah WA patients can rely on. You deserve no less. We deliver a complete high-quality professional dental services package.

Professional Dental Qualifications

Dentist Issaquah WA patients don't just rely on their existing knowledge. They actively seek out the latest and greatest dental training so their skill sets keep up with cutting-edge dental technology. This is what separates a dentist Issaquah wa patients recognize as innovative from run-off-the-mill providers. Dentist Issaquah WA patients consider highly proactive and professional go to the latest continuing dental education clinics and seminars. You can tell a dentist Issaquah WA consider excellent from a typical provider based on how many extra seminars that provider goes to. Dentists Issaquah wa patients respect know full well that if they want to be the best, they have to learn from the best. This is why all our professional dentistry providers continuously go on seminars and symposiums. You deserve the very best in the latest dental health technology. This is the focus that is apparent in a dentist Issaquah wa residents can trust.

The Latest and Greatest Equipment

If your current dentist doesn't bother to upgrade his or her equipment, this should be a cause of concern. Dental technology and optimal comfort in any dental office goes through constant development. Dentists Issaquah wa patients respect and trust the most gain that trust and respect partly through the right equipment. To provide optimal care, a dentist Issaquah WA patients can trust must invest in the latest and greatest dental diagnostics and care technology and equipment. Dentist Issaquah WA residents know that the right equipment help in providing the best service. This is the hallmark of a dentists Issaquah wa patients can place their faith in-the right provider invests in his or her practice.

Friendly and Reassuring Staff

Dentist Issaquah WA residents know that professional dental care is a complete package. A key part of the package a dentist Issaquah wa patients depend on is a friendly team. Let's face it-many patients are nervous when visiting their dentist's office. Dentist Issaquah WA seek out and prize are those that try to make their patients' visits as smooth as possible. This means all staff members must be friendly, helpful, and comforting. Just as a dentist Issaquah WA respect and admire has a soft touch, that dentist's staff members must also have the same touch. This is what separates a dentist Issaquah wa feel comfortable with and run-off-the-mill providers. Our dental office recruits only people who share our vision of offering dentists Issaquah wa respect and trust. Just as much as each of our dental providers aim to be a dentist Issaquah wa patients can turn to, we recruit our staff members with that same focus.

If you are looking for a great dentist you and your family can depend on for the long haul, you have come to the right place. Set up an appointment today and see for yourself the difference a commitment to dental care excellence can make.